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Updates about this website.

Where people are visiting this website from…

This map is just to give you an idea where people are looking at this website from. So data only goes back less than 24 hours. Since I have only just found this great WordPress plugin.

Thanks to "Visitor Maps" for this data

In other website news, I have also added a “Recommend” option, so you can recommend posts you like, to all your friends on facebook. Go on give it a go, you know that you want 2 🙂

Now with more useful information

Since given this website a new look last weekend. I have been working on adding lots of new contains to the website.

So far I have added the following:-

  • Accommodation – The accommodation that I stayed in while doing the cycle.
  • Contact me – This page really speaks for it’s self.
  • Checklist – List of the stuff I took while doing the End to End cycle.
  • Weather – Links to useful weather websites.

I have updated the JOGLE route pages, so each day now contains the current weather for that section of the cycle.

Coming soon GPS route data, so you can download my JOGLE End to End cycle route to your own GPS.

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