About myself

Gordon Valentine, with Dounreay nuclear power station in the background. On the first day of the End to End cycle. (Sun 9 Aug 2009)

So you actually want to know something about me? Why? Are you bored? Oh well. Just to satisfy your idle curiosity and my manic egotism I’ll tell you something about me!!!

I am a 44-year-old guy (was 29 when doing the cycle), who lives in Stamford, in the East Midlands, England. I was born in Chorley, Lancashire, England, on the 29th September 1979. Most people don’t believe me that I was born in England due to my strong Scottish accent. My star sign is Libra. I am 5’9” tall, 30″ waist, with blonde hair, which is sometimes short, sometimes long. I have light brown eyes. Which most people think are very sexy. I just don’t see it, myself.

JOGLE vlog

Speaking about the August 2009 End2End cycle.

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