Month: June 2010

GPS tracking testing

I am now testing GPS tracking, which is something I would have loved to have done last year, but I did not have the correct mobile phone for doing it. I do know when doing the cycle, it should work most of the time, other then when in the Highlands of Scotland, when your very lucky to get a network, well with Orange anyway.

If you want this for your own website, the code can be found at

Some previously unseen photos

Below are some previously unseen photos from the End2End cycle. Thanks so much to Clive for emailing them to me!

I met him on day 8, while cycling from Carlisle to Slaidburn. Then we raced each other, to Land’s End, but both going a different route.


Where people are visiting this website from…

This map is just to give you an idea where people are looking at this website from. So data only goes back less than 24 hours. Since I have only just found this great WordPress plugin.

Thanks to "Visitor Maps" for this data

In other website news, I have also added a “Recommend” option, so you can recommend posts you like, to all your friends on facebook. Go on give it a go, you know that you want 2 đŸ™‚

We’re now on flickr

We now have a photo group on flickr, where anyone is free to add there own photos from doing the End2End cycle. All you need to is upload your photos like normal to flickr, then add them to

Also when you upload your photos, please remember to geotag them, so they will get show up on this map

Team 2011 update

Below are just some of the lads hoping to do the End2End cycle in 2011. Since the cycle is still a good while, away I am sure that some of them will pull put before that.

We’re also starting to look for new sponsors.  Here are some of the reasons you may want to sponsor us:-

  • Your company name and/or logo will go on this website.
  • It will go on our cycling jerseys which will wear every day, while doing the End2End cycle.
  • It’s a good way, to get your name in local new papers.
Gordon, Stamford.
Jonny, Leeds.
Nick, Leeds.
Todd, Peterborough.
Tom, Peterborough.
Tyler, Peterborough.