Jun 222009

We’re in the process of trying to get customised cycling jerseys made for the End to End cycle.  So far we have come up with the design below, thanks to owayo. We do really, really like the design, just they don’t come cheap.

They quoted the following:-

Qty. Item
Unit Price
Total Price
Bike Jersey, shortsleeve, 3/4 zipper
45.00 €
90.00 €
Minimum Quantity
70.00 €
Shipping and packaging
15.00 €
Total (15% VAT incl.)
175.00 €
in GBP at current rate (1 EUR = £0.86)

We think that £150.50 is a lot for just two cycling jerseys. If you know of a better place to get them, then please comment below to let us know.


  7 Responses to “Custom cycling jerseys”

  1. Yeah! But it needs to be made of neoprene!!!!!!

  2. I think we’re going to get very hot and sweaty, without having to wear neoprene.

  3. I think you should wear your full adidas suit Gordon, and get Mike to wear one for the occasion too!

  4. very nice looking shorts to match i take it lol

  5. We did also look at sorting out shorts. Since just the jerseys are going to cost so much. Going to have to give them a miss. Just going to wear normal black ones.

  6. Some really great news the Peterborough Greyhound Stadium have said that they will sponsor us. If we got their logo printed on our cycling jerseys. So means they are going to pay for our cycling jerseys, so that’s going to save us £150.

  7. WOW that’s great news

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