Jun 172011

Just a quick reminder that we also use the following Social networking websites:-

Jun 152010

This map is just to give you an idea where people are looking at this website from. So data only goes back less than 24 hours. Since I have only just found this great WordPress plugin.

Thanks to "Visitor Maps" for this data

In other website news, I have also added a “Recommend” option, so you can recommend posts you like, to all your friends on facebook. Go on give it a go, you know that you want 2 🙂

Apr 122010

End to End cycle fan page

Thinking of doing the End2End cycle or have done it? Then why not join the End to End cycle fan page on Facebook. Which now has a much shorter URL which is https://www.facebook.com/endtoendcycle.

Oh and planning for doing the End2End cycle again in 2011 is going well.

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