Aug 072009

We went to the Peterborough Greyhound Stadium, to do some photos for the Peterborough Evening Telegraph. The news article should be in the ET on Friday (7th Aug 2009). It should also be on there website at

While their we also did some telephone interviews with Lite FM and Peterborough’s Heart FM but we’re not too sure when they will get aired.

Also we would like to say a very, big thanks again to the Peterborough Greyhound Stadium for sponsoring us.

Jul 242009

A quick update on the Peterborough Greyhound Stadium cycling jerseys, we have been giving a postal date of Monday 3rd August. Should get them 2-3 business days later. So means will be get them on the Thursday or the Friday. We really hope the Thursday, since we’re driving up to John O’Groats on Fri 7th August.

It’s not going to leave us much time at all to do PR work with the Peterborough Greyhound Stadium.

Gordon' s Peterborough Greyhound Stadium cycling jersey

Jun 252009

Below are the two customised cycling jerseys that we are getting made for the End to End cycle, now with the Peterborough Greyhound Stadium logo on it.

Jun 222009

Some really great news the Peterborough Greyhound Stadium have said that they will sponsor us. If we got their logo printed on our cycling jerseys. So means they are going to pay for our cycling jerseys, so that’s going to save us £150.

More on this to follow…

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