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Pannier rack update

I think that I have sorted out the pannier rack problem, after  e-mailing lots of different on-line shops and posting to the Cycling Weekly forums. It turns out that 29″ tyres are the same as 700c, why they have two names, I have no idea.  So thanks to everyone that helped sort it out for me!

I would like to say a big thank-you to the two on-line shops that did get back to me. Them being Chain Reaction Cycles and Wiggle.  I am also a wee bit pissed off that the Edinburgh Bicycle Cooperative, did not get back to me, after spending so much money on a new bike from them.

It looks like I will be getting “LifeLine Alloy Disc Brake Rear Rack” from Wiggle.

Pannier rack help needed!

As you may have read, I am getting a new bike. Which has got 29″ tyres on it. Now after looking all over the Internet, I can’t find any pannier racks, that will fit a bike with 29″ tyres and disc brakes.  So now I have a pannier and no way of putting it on my bike!!

So if anyone knows where I can get a pannier rack that will fit my bike, then please comment below!