Feb 112010

Since given this website a new look last weekend. I have been working on adding lots of new contains to the website.

So far I have added the following:-

  • Accommodation – The accommodation that I stayed in while doing the cycle.
  • Contact me – This page really speaks for it’s self.
  • Checklist – List of the stuff I took while doing the End to End cycle.
  • Weather – Links to useful weather websites.

I have updated the JOGLE route pages, so each day now contains the current weather for that section of the cycle.

Coming soon GPS route data, so you can download my JOGLE End to End cycle route to your own GPS.

Aug 072009

We went to the Peterborough Greyhound Stadium, to do some photos for the Peterborough Evening Telegraph. The news article should be in the ET on Friday (7th Aug 2009). It should also be on there website at www.peterboroughtoday.co.uk.

While their we also did some telephone interviews with Lite FM and Peterborough’s Heart FM but we’re not too sure when they will get aired.

Also we would like to say a very, big thanks again to the Peterborough Greyhound Stadium for sponsoring us.

Aug 012009

Below is a list of the things we are planning to take on the End to End cycle.  If you think of anything that we have missed, then please let us know! Also feel free to use this list for your own cycle.

Item Check
Bicycle Gear
Bike locks x 2
Bike light’s front and back x 2
Water containers
Panniers + rain covers
Camping Gear
Sleeping bags x 2
Cycling shoes
Cycling shorts x 2
Cycling jerseys x 2
Cycling mitts x 2
Helmets x 2
Cycling socks x 6
Camera’s (still+video) + chargers
GPS + charger + USB cable
Mobile phones + chargers
Laptop + charger + ext drive
Scottish Youth Hostels membership card
OS Travel Maps x 5
First Aid Kit
Sunglasses x 2
Assos Chamois Cream
Personal medications
Shower/hair stuff
Toothbrush and toothpaste
Toilet paper
Bike repair kit
Inner Tubes x 4
Tube patch kit
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