Month: June 2009

Pannier rack update

I think that I have sorted out the pannier rack problem, after  e-mailing lots of different on-line shops and posting to the Cycling Weekly forums. It turns out that 29″ tyres are the same as 700c, why they have two names, I have no idea.  So thanks to everyone that helped sort it out for me!

I would like to say a big thank-you to the two on-line shops that did get back to me. Them being Chain Reaction Cycles and Wiggle.  I am also a wee bit pissed off that the Edinburgh Bicycle Cooperative, did not get back to me, after spending so much money on a new bike from them.

It looks like I will be getting “LifeLine Alloy Disc Brake Rear Rack” from Wiggle.

Pannier rack help needed!

As you may have read, I am getting a new bike. Which has got 29″ tyres on it. Now after looking all over the Internet, I can’t find any pannier racks, that will fit a bike with 29″ tyres and disc brakes.  So now I have a pannier and no way of putting it on my bike!!

So if anyone knows where I can get a pannier rack that will fit my bike, then please comment below!

New bike delivery date

I have just got an email from the Edinburgh Bicycle Cooperative, saying that my bike will be delivered on Wednesday the 1st of July.

I can’t wait, since I have not had a new bike since July 2001, when I got a Trek 810 from Trossachs Cycles, for £199. Which I don’t often use, since it’s the bike that I keep in Scotland, for using when I go to see my family.

New bike for the End to End cycle

I have just gone and spent £549.99 on a new bike for doing the John O’Groats to Lands End cycle. I am getting it from Edinburgh Bicycle.


Component Spec Table

Model Name

Muirwoods 29er
Price £549.99
Model Category Street
Model Series Urban
Sizes 17” 19” 20.5” 22”
Frame 4130 Cromoly, Double Butted Edge Steel Tubeset
with Butted E4 Anti-Flex Seat and Chain Stays
Front Suspension Cromoly Rigid 1 1/8

Custom cycling jerseys

We’re in the process of trying to get customised cycling jerseys made for the End to End cycle.  So far we have come up with the design below, thanks to owayo. We do really, really like the design, just they don’t come cheap.

They quoted the following:-

Qty. Item
Unit Price
Total Price
Bike Jersey, shortsleeve, 3/4 zipper
45.00 €
90.00 €
Minimum Quantity
70.00 €
Shipping and packaging
15.00 €
Total (15% VAT incl.)
175.00 €
in GBP at current rate (1 EUR = £0.86)

We think that £150.50 is a lot for just two cycling jerseys. If you know of a better place to get them, then please comment below to let us know.


Route update

So have we have fully sorted out the following days of the route:-

Yes we know not the best start in the world. Going to try to get lots more of the route sorted out later this week. Can’t believe it’s now less then 2 months till the big day.

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