Jul 202008

We did our third and longest training cycle so far. We decided to cycle from Peterborough to London. Watch our vlog, to see if we made it all the way…

Us at Stevenage on the way to London.

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  1. Well done for getting to Stevenage. Hope you guys make it the whole way to London next time!!

  2. Warning:
    Cycling down (what passes for) the A82 from Inverness to Fort William can be less than enjoyable. It’s narrow, busy, fast and has lots of no overtaking double white line stretches. Cars towing caravans often overtake cyclists far too close.
    Also – I’m surprised you haven’t booked in for Culrain – the SYHA Carbisdale Castle Youth Hostel there used to be excellent. But perhaps I’m out of date and it’s gone now.
    Good luck. Love your site and all your stuff.
    Malcolm, Edinburgh.

  3. Yes I know that the A82 is a very, busy road. Lots of the routes between accommodation will be changing. The maps, just show the way google things we should go.

    I did want to say at Carbisdale Castle Youth, but it’s fully booked. So right now trying to find somewhere else in that area to stay. Got any ideas?

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